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I offer a variety of Turkish Translation Services to my clients including;


I translate your texts, software, applications and websites from English to Turkish. Having lived abroad for a significant part of my life,  I am completely bilingual and bicultural. This means I produce a translation that’s fluid, flowing, and, most importantly, doesn’t read like a translation. English to Turkish Translation is about so much more than dictionary definitions and grammar; it’s the point where culture, history and expression come together. You took time and care over your original. Your translation will be treated the same


Localization makes sure that your customers understand every word on your website – wherever they are in the world. Even more importantly, it enables them to interact with all its services and features. By localizing for your target market, you can improve engagement, increase conversions and provide a seamless customer experience. I localize website content for IT and engineering companies who know the value that localized content brings to their business. Contact me to receive a free quote for English to Turkish Translation and Localization services.


I help you build healthy communications with your clients or prospects. I offer conference call interpretation as well as real life service, in any city within Turkey. Contact me for English to Turkish Translation and interpretation services


I offer Turkish Translation Services in;

IT & Technology

Technology is now truly accessible to all, and as consumers become ever-more discerning, having IT hardware, software and technology translated and localized is more important than ever. My love of IT and tech, along with my demonstrable experience in the field, makes me a great addition to your team. My goal is the same as yours: providing your users with a seamless experience, right from logging on to leaving you rave reviews. These are my main areas of expertise for English to Turkish translation:

  • Localization and Testing of Interface
  • Help Files and Documentation
  • Services and Hardware Equipment.

Engineering & Manufacture

Technical translation is a must-have in global business environment. It is a part of growing up. To reach new markets, to reach more people, your company needs translation services. As you are on our website, I guess you are thinking about expanding your business into Turkey or Northern Cyprus. I offer English to Turkish Technical Translation services to help your business grow. Technical translation services require significant knowledge of technical terminology . I studied Engineering Physics for 4 years and have experience in my areas. I am capable of making any document protect its soul while offering you the best English to Turkish translation service.

  • Manual Translation
  • Patents
  • Data Sheets
  • Training Material
  • Bid & Quote Documents

Discover the Power of Freelancer

Why should you hire a freelance translator?


Freelance Support 24/7

Yes, I may have to sleep from time to time but as long as you call me, you text me or you send a mail, you will get your support. Working with a freelance translator, if you need a Turkish translation asap, you can be sure to get it on time.

Freelance Quality

As all the freelancers do, I run my own business. I thrive on repeat work and repeat clients. Which is an extra reason to give my best effort in your work. Unlike a staff member my performance will always be at the peak.

Freelance Warmth

I may be far from you, but I will give you the feeling that you are working with a co-worker at your company. Of course, this warmth does not mean being ill-mannered, I know my place.

Freelance Attention

Most of Turkish translation agencies work with many clients at the same time. I have been there. Therefore, you may have to bend over backwards to get their full attention. Agencies may even fail due dates. I don’t do that. When you need me, I will be there. I will not have too many clients to earn more. I am freelance and humble.

Freelance Flexibility

Freelancers don’t work from 9 to 5. I work whenever there’s a need for my services. This provides me a state of happiness that 9 to 5 workers do not have. I have the luxury to go for a walk in the coastline in the middle of the day and still be able to perform my duties. Of course, as a result of this my work quality increases in a great deal.

Freelance Budget

Turkish Translation agencies depend on many external sources thus; their expenses are great. As a freelance Turkish translator, I don’t need much to survive. My English into Turkish translation and localization rates are lower than what you will find at any English into Turkish translation agency. This means a great deal of budget for you which is important if you are a startup or a small business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Honest answers to your translation related questions.


I offer the best translation prices on the market. My services are specially designed for small business owners, startups, desktop publishers and web developers. Translation rates highly depend on the type and lenght of the files to be translated/localized. To get the best price offer, just send me an e-mail.

Unlike computer translation, professional human translation is not a straightaway process, it is an intricated, intellectual activity that requires some time. A qualified translator may be able to translate from 1500 to 4000 words per working day depending on the text complexity. It also depends on my schedule. Feel free to contact me to ask about my availability and turnaround time.

I specialize only in one language pair (Turkish into English) and put all my effort into it. Translation agencies work with many translators and on short terms and they always work with more than 10 companies at the same time. You may understand the difference when you try to contact them. Working with me will give you the advantages like 24/7 support, high quality and on-time translations.

If you need a quick translation, like an e-mail from a partner, go ahead and try. It will be hard to understand but it will do the work. However, it is not the same with serious work. If you want your document or file to be understood by the target audience, it’s best to have it translated by a native speaker.

Great Rates

From general translation to academic translation, my competitive rates give you another reason to work with me.

  • General Translation
  • Starting from $0.03 / word
  • Unlimited Revisions

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  • Academic Translation

  • Starting from $0.07 / word
  • Unlimited Revisions

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  • Technical / IT Translations

  • Starting from $0.06 / word
  • Unlimited Revisions

  • Get a Quote

Payment Alternatives

We offer a variety of alternatives for your convenience. An invoice will be sent to your e-mail address once you contact us. From there, you may choose the method you would like to pay.


Credit & Debit Card


Wire Transfer


About Me

My name’s Aykut Kutucu. I’m an IT and Engineering specialist, helping companies connect with their Turkish customers.

I help companies reach their ideal customers in Turkey. How do I do this?

translate and localize engineering materials, website copy and software from English into Turkish.

To create something that’s in line with your company message, but in tune with your Turkish audience, you need a Turkish translator. Even better, you need a Turkish translator who’s completely bilingual and bicultural. That’s me. You deal in metrics like conversions and click through rates. I deal in the language that allows these to happen.

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Ahmet Isik

We've been working with Aykut for 2 years without a problem now. He always respond in time for our urgent English to Turkish translation needs. He's an expert in his field but that's not the main issue. Finding an expert is easy but finding someone you can trust is more valuable. Aykut has been that person for us.

Carol Linie

Aykut is the best freelance English to Turkish translator you can find out there. He's always there for us and he never fails to reply our mails in short time. I'm glad that our company chose to work with him.

Ahmet Cem Karabey

Aykut translated our clinic website from Turkish to English and has done a great job. Thanks to him, we were able to enter the global market and reach new patients. Definitely one of the best choices when it comes to English to Turkish translation services.


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